Some more on interiors…

Lighter shades for a bigger look

It has been a great writing experience for me. Some nice tips and comments have always made it worth. Today I will be sharing some clever tips to make your interior look better.

  • Paint in lighter colors – In the era of limited living space and apartments rooms have become smaller. You would like to make it appear large at least. The economical way to do this is to take care to choose a light shade for the places you want to appear large. The light shade reflects more light and will make the place look brighter and bigger.
  • Using Mirrors – This is the age-old technique but still works. Mirrors will reflect almost 80 percent of light and the space will look brighter and bigger. Looking classy is an added benefit.
  • Furniture with slip on covers – This will help you keep changing the hue and color of your interiors. No one likes to have the same color always. You can also try slip on covers for mirrors as an idea.
  • Using vintage articles – This does not cost. You must be having a clock that does not run. Clean it and use it as a hanging art piece. I am sure everybody will appreciate that kind of creativity.
  • Mounting the TV in the drawing space – The old idea of TV on table is gone. Now we have slim LED Television sets. You can mount them on the wall and free extra space. Simple economic and saves space which you can use to keep an extra sapling to make your drawing space look better.

Plants in Interior Space


Heart leaf philodendron
Heart leaf philodendron


Interiors of home can have the natural lift by use of indoor plants.It adds to the beauty of your house. But the question is where to place the plants for getting a better look. I would like to give a few practical tips on this way of interior decoration.

  • At the entrance – All major Feng shui practitioners suggest use of plants at the entrance. You can choose from a wide range of choices. Snake plant and cast iron plant are the most commonly used plants for entrances. Including a mirror to enhance the look is a good technique.Multiply the effect of blooming orchids in your home with use of mirrors.
  • Drawing room – The drawing-room will look more alive by use of vegetation.Heart leaf philodendron is for low lighting and keeps the surroundings alive. Mix it with various cacti to get the ideal look. Pothos is an ideal plant for brightly lit areas.
  • Balcony – The best place for plants is where it can get sunlight and water. Balcony even when roofed and inside the house can be a home for a variety of plants.
  • Living Room – There is no better scene than looking at a plant when you rise up in the morning. Herbs with medicinal properties should be kept in living rooms and they have been found to raise the immunity level of inhabitants. Plants also help keep calm when you are stressed.

The plants are a good way to improve air quality in your house also. That is coming in the next blog.