Updating the Victorian Parlour

I’ve always wanted a special room, with Victorian furniture. Since I enjoy reading authors like Jane Austen and Charlotte Bronte, I’d like to look up from a book to see a room with the same atmosphere. I share this desire with a friend and, even though neither of us have completed a Victorian room, we’ve discussed our plans.

Modern Wingback Chairs, expensive chairs worth every penny

Authentic Victorian furniture is pricey, so I’d look for modern pieces with that same feeling. Freshome.com has published budget sparing decorating ideas that blend modern furniture with restored and modern, Victorian-like pieces. My friend invested in a love seat to serve as her room’s anchor piece. She managed to save money by getting her love seat while it was on sale! I’ll probably wait, find an old piece from an estate sale, then reupholster it with modern fabric in muted colours, unless I think it is a candidate for the Antique’s Roadshow. I am already looking for salvaged window frames or wood doors to use as table tops, and I have my eye on tapestry remnants to use for accent pillows. Beaded lamps will sit next to a pair of modern wingback chairs.

My room should be useful, artistic and the envy of the neighbourhood. Best of all, my friend and I can indulge our tendency to compete with each other, without hard feelings. In the end, we’ll both have what we need, and want. Have you ever wanted a special reading room?


Use of Stripes

stripes for the home


Want to add texture, colour, depth and drama to your room? Then look no further, stripes are the answer.  There is a huge variety of choice with these so you can produce an effect that suits your decor; the stripes could be wallpaper, paint, carpet or furnishings.

Some pointers for you in using stripes with paint,

Choose strong colours that complements your decor rather than lighter shades if you want to have that dramatic effect. Use 2 or 3 colours for the stripes.

Paint horizontal stripes about 12 inches wide, while vertical stripes look best about 6 inches wide.

If your room is small, to make it appear wider, use horizontal stripes

To give your room an appearance of height and a taller space, use vertical stripes.

Using Striped Wallpaper:

Wallpaper can be expensive so give some thought to using it as a feature wall.

You can also attach bead board or other wainscoting to the lower third of a wall and apply striped wallpaper to the remaining top portion.

Another option is to paint the lower half of your walls, attach a chair rail and cover the top half of the walls with striped wallpaper.

Some very interesting application of stripes can be found here

Striped Furnishings:

To a bathroom you could add striped towels or shower curtain.

For bedrooms consider bedding sets, throws, area rugs for a cosy feel.

Use draperies shades or valances on your windows or upholster a chair or sofa in striped pattern to jazz up your room – be careful not to overdo, a full striped suite might be too much in a regular sized room.

In Dining rooms you can buy dinner ware with stripes or tablecloths and runner or even a lightshade can add the stripe effect.

Striped carpets are becoming popular, how you place them can quickly change the dimensions of your rooms. A current trend is to use them on your stairs to draw the eyes up and create an optical illusion of height; I also think they give a nice waterfall effect.

Striped carpet