Bouillabaisse and murals.


Bouillabaisse - French fish soup or casserole

I went to visit friends the other day, her and her partner had redecorated their dining room and I was invited to view it, as well as eat a terrific bouillabaisse! The new decor included a feature wall with a mural on it. Now I have seen murals in hotel hallways and offices, used to great effect or just plain boring but not thought of using one in the home. I was really impressed with theirs. it complimented their lifestyle and nature commitments. Both being keen divers I was not too surprised they had chosen the sea as their mural but what did impress me it was made from one of their own photographs.

I went home and started to research, as I am want to do. I found that wall murals have been around a long long time, in fact cave men decorated their walls with them.   Most of the companies offer design services where your mural can be personalised with pictures, names, quotes. You can also do it yourself, I found this site entertaining as well as informative.

I think the key to mural use is don’t over do it. Keep it simple and give thought to what furniture it is going with, which wall it will be on, in the end though I think you are drawn to what you love, a reflection of your personality, expectations and philosophy. I am now seriously thinking of placing one in my rather large and bare bathroom. Feeling a bit spoilt for choice but the fun is definitely in looking around might even use one of my friends photos!

Sophisticated beach mural for a chic and original bathroom
One of the murals I am considering for my bathroom