Painting ideas for the ceiling


Dark CeilingAll attention is paid towards the walls and interiors. However we forget the most viewed part the ceiling. We generally paint it the boring white. However proper painting and creativity while painting the ceiling can make a lot of difference.

  • Traditional lighter shades – Generally we paint the ceiling white. It has its own advantage. If you know the way light is reflected by colors you will understand. It also makes the ceiling higher and makes the room feel spacier.
  • Daring Dark Colors – Painting the Ceiling Dark takes courage. But it looks great if you plan to use the same color on the lower walls. The only drawback is that ceiling needs to be high at least 8 feet. hard to find in modern flats.
Nice mural effect on the ceiling. No it is not broken
Nice mural effect on the ceiling. No it is not broken
  • Using Bright colors in Kids Room Ceiling – Use color like bright yellow or pink in your child’s room to make the environment colorful. I am quite sure you child will love it.
  • Ceiling Murals – This is another concept that works well in dining areas and drawing rooms. It really looks good. You can choose from a wide range of murals available which range from vintage paintings to the sky.

Just being a bit creative with your ceiling will make your home a different place.



Some more on interiors…

Lighter shades for a bigger look

It has been a great writing experience for me. Some nice tips and comments have always made it worth. Today I will be sharing some clever tips to make your interior look better.

  • Paint in lighter colors – In the era of limited living space and apartments rooms have become smaller. You would like to make it appear large at least. The economical way to do this is to take care to choose a light shade for the places you want to appear large. The light shade reflects more light and will make the place look brighter and bigger.
  • Using Mirrors – This is the age-old technique but still works. Mirrors will reflect almost 80 percent of light and the space will look brighter and bigger. Looking classy is an added benefit.
  • Furniture with slip on covers – This will help you keep changing the hue and color of your interiors. No one likes to have the same color always. You can also try slip on covers for mirrors as an idea.
  • Using vintage articles – This does not cost. You must be having a clock that does not run. Clean it and use it as a hanging art piece. I am sure everybody will appreciate that kind of creativity.
  • Mounting the TV in the drawing space – The old idea of TV on table is gone. Now we have slim LED Television sets. You can mount them on the wall and free extra space. Simple economic and saves space which you can use to keep an extra sapling to make your drawing space look better.

Plants in Interior Space


Heart leaf philodendron
Heart leaf philodendron


Interiors of home can have the natural lift by use of indoor plants.It adds to the beauty of your house. But the question is where to place the plants for getting a better look. I would like to give a few practical tips on this way of interior decoration.

  • At the entrance – All major Feng shui practitioners suggest use of plants at the entrance. You can choose from a wide range of choices. Snake plant and cast iron plant are the most commonly used plants for entrances. Including a mirror to enhance the look is a good technique.Multiply the effect of blooming orchids in your home with use of mirrors.
  • Drawing room – The drawing-room will look more alive by use of vegetation.Heart leaf philodendron is for low lighting and keeps the surroundings alive. Mix it with various cacti to get the ideal look. Pothos is an ideal plant for brightly lit areas.
  • Balcony – The best place for plants is where it can get sunlight and water. Balcony even when roofed and inside the house can be a home for a variety of plants.
  • Living Room – There is no better scene than looking at a plant when you rise up in the morning. Herbs with medicinal properties should be kept in living rooms and they have been found to raise the immunity level of inhabitants. Plants also help keep calm when you are stressed.

The plants are a good way to improve air quality in your house also. That is coming in the next blog.

Cheap antiquing for decor

Yes, I just said cheap antiques. Well, when I say cheap I mean relatively cheap, and by antiques, I do not mean centuries old objects that should belong in a museum. But the people who do visit your house would not know if the lamp you have on the side table is a true antique or not- it just has to look the part after all! It is incredibly easy to find cheap antiques- you just need to know where to look.

Etsy has helped me quite a bit in this case- they have a number of vintage and ethnic looking products that look very antique-like. Etsy is quite cheap compared to actual antique stores as well. The only drawback is that you won’t get to see the items before you actually buy them. This can be solved by just shopping at stores that have high ratings and low complaints from users.

Antique Trinkets

Charity shops such as Oxfam and British Heart Foundation have also helped me quite a bit in my quest to find antiques for my house. I have picked up an antique telephone, some teapots and incredible trinkets from there for incredibly cheap. These antiques are in near perfect condition and are that cheap- what more could you possibly want!

Updating the Victorian Parlour

I’ve always wanted a special room, with Victorian furniture. Since I enjoy reading authors like Jane Austen and Charlotte Bronte, I’d like to look up from a book to see a room with the same atmosphere. I share this desire with a friend and, even though neither of us have completed a Victorian room, we’ve discussed our plans.

Modern Wingback Chairs, expensive chairs worth every penny

Authentic Victorian furniture is pricey, so I’d look for modern pieces with that same feeling. has published budget sparing decorating ideas that blend modern furniture with restored and modern, Victorian-like pieces. My friend invested in a love seat to serve as her room’s anchor piece. She managed to save money by getting her love seat while it was on sale! I’ll probably wait, find an old piece from an estate sale, then reupholster it with modern fabric in muted colours, unless I think it is a candidate for the Antique’s Roadshow. I am already looking for salvaged window frames or wood doors to use as table tops, and I have my eye on tapestry remnants to use for accent pillows. Beaded lamps will sit next to a pair of modern wingback chairs.

My room should be useful, artistic and the envy of the neighbourhood. Best of all, my friend and I can indulge our tendency to compete with each other, without hard feelings. In the end, we’ll both have what we need, and want. Have you ever wanted a special reading room?

Bouillabaisse and murals.


Bouillabaisse - French fish soup or casserole

I went to visit friends the other day, her and her partner had redecorated their dining room and I was invited to view it, as well as eat a terrific bouillabaisse! The new decor included a feature wall with a mural on it. Now I have seen murals in hotel hallways and offices, used to great effect or just plain boring but not thought of using one in the home. I was really impressed with theirs. it complimented their lifestyle and nature commitments. Both being keen divers I was not too surprised they had chosen the sea as their mural but what did impress me it was made from one of their own photographs.

I went home and started to research, as I am want to do. I found that wall murals have been around a long long time, in fact cave men decorated their walls with them.   Most of the companies offer design services where your mural can be personalised with pictures, names, quotes. You can also do it yourself, I found this site entertaining as well as informative.

I think the key to mural use is don’t over do it. Keep it simple and give thought to what furniture it is going with, which wall it will be on, in the end though I think you are drawn to what you love, a reflection of your personality, expectations and philosophy. I am now seriously thinking of placing one in my rather large and bare bathroom. Feeling a bit spoilt for choice but the fun is definitely in looking around might even use one of my friends photos!

Sophisticated beach mural for a chic and original bathroom
One of the murals I am considering for my bathroom



Use of Stripes

stripes for the home


Want to add texture, colour, depth and drama to your room? Then look no further, stripes are the answer.  There is a huge variety of choice with these so you can produce an effect that suits your decor; the stripes could be wallpaper, paint, carpet or furnishings.

Some pointers for you in using stripes with paint,

Choose strong colours that complements your decor rather than lighter shades if you want to have that dramatic effect. Use 2 or 3 colours for the stripes.

Paint horizontal stripes about 12 inches wide, while vertical stripes look best about 6 inches wide.

If your room is small, to make it appear wider, use horizontal stripes

To give your room an appearance of height and a taller space, use vertical stripes.

Using Striped Wallpaper:

Wallpaper can be expensive so give some thought to using it as a feature wall.

You can also attach bead board or other wainscoting to the lower third of a wall and apply striped wallpaper to the remaining top portion.

Another option is to paint the lower half of your walls, attach a chair rail and cover the top half of the walls with striped wallpaper.

Some very interesting application of stripes can be found here

Striped Furnishings:

To a bathroom you could add striped towels or shower curtain.

For bedrooms consider bedding sets, throws, area rugs for a cosy feel.

Use draperies shades or valances on your windows or upholster a chair or sofa in striped pattern to jazz up your room – be careful not to overdo, a full striped suite might be too much in a regular sized room.

In Dining rooms you can buy dinner ware with stripes or tablecloths and runner or even a lightshade can add the stripe effect.

Striped carpets are becoming popular, how you place them can quickly change the dimensions of your rooms. A current trend is to use them on your stairs to draw the eyes up and create an optical illusion of height; I also think they give a nice waterfall effect.

Striped carpet


Redefining bookcases.

These days with the growth of our electronic libraries, and the reduction of our ‘real’ book acquisitions, the question of whether we any longer need bookshelves is often asked. We are continually adding more electronics to our walls, such as tvs, but there is still a place in the house for a feature shelf.

While many people prefer the simple clean lines of walls left without shelving, there are many options where a bookcase enhances a room. Bookcases and shelving can be beautiful objects in their own right, adding warmth and depth to a room without the need for wallpaper or other features. They allow us to decorate a room, adding simple touches of interest. There are several good articles and blogs discussing how to choose a system to suit a room.

When choosing a bookcase consider, the purpose. A smaller standing bookcase is perfect for displaying a cookery interest. Consider draping the top with a beautiful shawl, and then place feature cookbooks on display, the next shelf can contain a collection of espresso cups. On lower shelves stack a range of cookery magazines.

A wall-fixed shelving system can serve as a feature in a room, with a collection of beautiful glass or porcelain, using one theme and varying colours will keep it in harmony. Or consider a series of framed photos within a range of personal mementos.

Shelving needs to be reconsidered for the modern house, but with a clear theme in mind and the use of interesting materials there is no reason to ban them from the house altogether.

Simple DIY projects for your home

Everybody wants to spice up their house a little bit- but without spending too much money on the same. Websites like Pinterest and Buzzfeed are a godsend for these people. These websites have hundreds of choices for people who want to add some magic to their homes. Check out the DIY projects you can do, right now, to make your house look so much better. Needless to say, none of these steps require you to be a millionaire.

1. Did you know you could make a bookshelf out of a bookend? It’s incredibly cool- for it makes it look like your books are sort of just floating around.

2. Take a small mason jar. Cut a glow stick open and pour the insides into the mason jar. Buy some multi-colour diamond glitter from the shop and mix it in with the contents of the glow stick. You have your own jar of fireflies!

3. Start collecting corks you use in your house for a little while. Once you have managed to accumulate enough corks, you can create a bulletin board with the same. This will be good for pinning To-Do lists, photos and much more!

4. If you have a boring, old, plain lamp at home and you’re looking to make it more interesting, why don’t you use a permanent marker and just write paragraphs from your favourite book, or quotes you are particularly fond of?


These are some of the simplest DIY projects you can do to spice up your house right now!


Designing the perfect kid’s room

You should certainly pay a lot of attention to the way your child’s bedroom is designed, for it will stay in their minds for a long time- even if they do not realize it. You do not necessarily need to have a large budget to make the bedroom memorable for your kids. You just need to know what they like, and you need to be able to make it fun for them to be there.


For instance, when my first daughter turned 7, we had a hammock installed in her room. It was quite small- and of good quality, so that it wouldn’t fall. It was extremely fun- for it is different than a normal bed, and it gave her a place to hang out when she read, or watched her shows. If you have two kids, having a bunk bed is certainly a good option. There are many bunk beds that come with slides on the side, which are just amazing. You could take a small kiddie pool, add some balls into it and turn it into a personalized ball pit. You could also put those small slates around your child’s room to encourage the artist in them.

A small tip- it would make sense for you to involve your kid in the designing process. This way, the child will get what he/she wants in their room, and will be more comfortable in the room, for it is of their own design!