A person’s home is not just a place where they live, it is a place that reflects their personality. It’s probably the simplest form of self-expression, and also the most satisfying one. Over the years, I’ve decorated and redecorated my house a number of times- and I’ve always loved the end result. After all, it is a reflection of what I was, as a person, at that particular stage of life.

I was never able to follow interior design as a career course, but I’ve always had a passion for it. Not being an interior designer has been good in some ways as well. Now, I am capable of designing my house without being too influenced by current fashion, thereby staying true to what I really like, and what I actually use. I’m also capable of renovating my house without putting too big a hole in my wallet. Here, I share some of my greatest tips when it comes to interior design and renovation for people of all ages and budgets!


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