Trends for 2016

Not one for making resolutions but thought it might be useful to start the year with what is being anticipated for 2016.

Sustainability is the biggest moving trend of this century, slowly but inexorably it is gaining momentum, mind you I am not sure the philosophy of sustainability is behind all the trends, more to do with getting on the bandwagon! Although I do think more and more people are realising this planet can only offer so much and we need to stop being a take , take , take society. Recycling, reusing, reinventing and repurposing are the buzzwords for 2016.

Bringing the outside in, glamping and introducing greenery into the home is the direction of 2016. Consumers are looking for useable items for home and outdoors, preferable furniture that is eco friendly, maybe recycled but definitely fitting into the sustainability philosophy.

Using crafted goods; encouragement is coming from designers to source local and global products that meet sustainable, eco friendly demands. Support local artisans mix their modern with vintage finds. Look around you for inspiration, look at local traders not necessarily big companies, be inventive! Look at this beautiful trunk imagine it in the dining room, holding all the dining accessories or in the hallway.

Beautiful old style trunk, versatile and decorative.

Don’t throw away, sell, donate redesign for your individual tastes.

1950’s and 1970’s seem to be influencing design trends for 2016 with the mixing of metallics and metal into designs – think retro bling

Alongside these trends is a growing affinity for natural stone, quartz,  polished geodes and unpolished semi-precious stones are the au natural of 2016 design. Look out for these in second hand shops and at venues such as the Blue John cave, where I purchased a piece of the beautiful Blue John stone for my dining table.

A polished piece of Blue John stone from the Blue John Mine Yorkshire Peak District
Blue John Stone

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