Painting ideas for the ceiling


Dark CeilingAll attention is paid towards the walls and interiors. However we forget the most viewed part the ceiling. We generally paint it the boring white. However proper painting and creativity while painting the ceiling can make a lot of difference.

  • Traditional lighter shades – Generally we paint the ceiling white. It has its own advantage. If you know the way light is reflected by colors you will understand. It also makes the ceiling higher and makes the room feel spacier.
  • Daring Dark Colors – Painting the Ceiling Dark takes courage. But it looks great if you plan to use the same color on the lower walls. The only drawback is that ceiling needs to be high at least 8 feet. hard to find in modern flats.
Nice mural effect on the ceiling. No it is not broken
Nice mural effect on the ceiling. No it is not broken
  • Using Bright colors in Kids Room Ceiling – Use color like bright yellow or pink in your child’s room to make the environment colorful. I am quite sure you child will love it.
  • Ceiling Murals – This is another concept that works well in dining areas and drawing rooms. It really looks good. You can choose from a wide range of murals available which range from vintage paintings to the sky.

Just being a bit creative with your ceiling will make your home a different place.



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