Using Wallpapers To Redefine Your Home

Wall coverings are back in fashion in the world of home décor. Especially in a fast-moving country like ours, where you want quick, instant and highly gratifying results, wallpapers are gaining rapid popularity.

A wallpaper is preferred over the conventional painting traditions because it is not only easy to install and remove but also because it is available in an exemplary assortment of shades and patterns which add life to a space. A home gets new meaning when it reflects the personality of its occupants and wall coverings help you achieve just that!

Some tips on how to make your walls look breath-taking

  1. Understand you space

Experts across the field of wall coverings will tell you that the first step to choosing an impactful wallpaper is to understand the space you want to use it for. A wallpaper can decide whether your room looks big or small, cheerful or mysterious, tall or short.  For example bright colors add light to the room giving it an airy sunshine feel. While this approach is great for a sun-lit room or a breakfast area, it might not be the best choice while decorating your lounge or bar area. Vertical striped wall papers can create an illusion of height while horizontally striped wallpapers add width to a room. The first step is always to understand the function of the space you want to wallpaper.


2. Choose the right kind of wallpaper

Wallpapers are available in a variety of materials, foil imprints, embossing each designed to give a room that delicious appeal which makes you rise in popularity as an interior decorator. Be wise while choosing your wallpaper though. If you are choosing a paper for your kitchen, you might want to invest in a vinyl coated sheet which is easy to clean. Dirt, grime and stains definitely steal the appeal from the best of designs.

Got to go, will continue with more tips in my next post.


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