Furnishing with recycled items.

Second hand winged chair for my library

I am so excited; I think I have found the perfect chair for my reading room. One of my colleagues told me about a website that she thought would appeal to me as it was about recycling and reusing. I am very conscious that we are filling out world up with rubbish and our ‘buy new’ lifestyle contributes hugely to this. The site, Preloved, is a classified advertising site with a mission to lower the quantity of potential landfill; it also has some very interesting recycling articles. I have become more and more interested in recycling after joining a beach clean at the end of summer. The event had a talk before and after which emphasized how every individual can help. was amazed at the amount and variety of rubbish that we found just in the small area we covered. I’ve been aware of recycling, who hasn’t? The amount of bins I get from the council ensures I know about it but I will be honest, I have never really thought about it…Well that is changing.

Back to my chair, I also found some bookcases tare exactly what I want in the room. The site also allows you to put up a wanted add, so I have asked for art nouveau lamps, you know the ones with the coloured glass shades.  I also found a fabulous rug, sort of Turkish/Persian, absolutely the perfect addition to my room. Only one problem it’s January, the dreaded five week month, so funds are low. Same friend told me about a loan company ferratum UK, did a bit of research on them, applied and I am now awaiting delivery of my furniture. My dream is becoming a reality.

Art nouveau lamps with beautiful coloured shadesA different type of glass shade on an art nouveau lamp


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