Redefining bookcases.

These days with the growth of our electronic libraries, and the reduction of our ‘real’ book acquisitions, the question of whether we any longer need bookshelves is often asked. We are continually adding more electronics to our walls, such as tvs, but there is still a place in the house for a feature shelf.

While many people prefer the simple clean lines of walls left without shelving, there are many options where a bookcase enhances a room. Bookcases and shelving can be beautiful objects in their own right, adding warmth and depth to a room without the need for wallpaper or other features. They allow us to decorate a room, adding simple touches of interest. There are several good articles and blogs discussing how to choose a system to suit a room.

When choosing a bookcase consider, the purpose. A smaller standing bookcase is perfect for displaying a cookery interest. Consider draping the top with a beautiful shawl, and then place feature cookbooks on display, the next shelf can contain a collection of espresso cups. On lower shelves stack a range of cookery magazines.

A wall-fixed shelving system can serve as a feature in a room, with a collection of beautiful glass or porcelain, using one theme and varying colours will keep it in harmony. Or consider a series of framed photos within a range of personal mementos.

Shelving needs to be reconsidered for the modern house, but with a clear theme in mind and the use of interesting materials there is no reason to ban them from the house altogether.